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Welcome to ZypeLang Docs

Welcome to ZypeLang Documentation. Please read it before using ZypeLang for easy usability.


ZypeLang is a easy-to-write and easy-to-read powerful replacement of JSON.



    "key": "value"

In Zype:

<key> "value"


ZypeSDK for Python

To install ZypeSDK in Python, run:

pip install ZypeSDK # In GNU/Linux or macOS you may need to add sudo at first

In Python Script:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import ZypeSDK as z
file = z.Open("file.zype") # Create a file named file.zype
print(file) # Will return {"name": "yourname"}

Now create a file named file.zype with the content:

<name> "yourname"

Compass CLI for Windows

In Windows 10, you can install Compass CLI and run:

compass -v

To get installed Compass version, and to get Zype files in the current working directory:

compass -s

To execute a specific file, run:

compass <filename> # replace <filename> with the File's name